Finally, a course to help you escape from the endless and soul-destroying diet and ‘what the hell do I do to get better’ cycle. The BYD(a)-Before You Diet (again) course

This is the only course of its type that will help you break free of the misinformation and barriers about weight-loss, red meat, fasting, fat, protein, diets, food, exercise, cholesterol, supplements, blood tests, gut health, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and calories.

80% overweight following the wrong ‘map’ and 200 diagnosed daily with type 2 diabetes and 200 with dementia. This is a ‘pre-diet course’. A new ‘diet map’ to help you navigate the car-crash that are our current eating guidelines. Before you line up again at the diet ‘start-line’ to give it one last shot. It will enable you to make sure the next diet you undertake will be the last one. It will debunk common myths (that we think are gospel).

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