Monthly Archives: October 2018

The superfood that will help you lose weight (and the food that will keep the weight on)

Should I just tell you what the magic superfood is? Oh come on Mr ‘Please just tell me what to eat’ Nutritionist, I’m really busy and I just want to know what is this ingredient. Is it a capsule that you sell? Is it a new Amazonian fruit with an exotic name that will just melt the kilograms […]

Thinning bones, tendons and skin (there’s more to it than ‘getting old’)

Oh OK, the nutrition guy is talking bone this week, so it’s going to be about calcium, glucosamine and Vitamin D right?  And is he going to mention ‘fish oil for better skin’? No, all wrong, none of the above. They are a long-way second to what is really causing your lovely bones (and the rest of your body) to creak, age […]