Introducing Anthony Power …

Anthony (R Nutr), a Registered Nutritionist based in Brisbane, Australia with almost 20 years experience treating patients.

He is a practicing nutritionist who spent decades following the dietary guidelines but was feeling just as unwell as the patients he was treating. He went back and re-read the old science and realised that it just didn’t stand up to modern scrutiny.

“Patients are trapped between the old-school ‘diet dinosuars’ and the ‘keto keyboard warriors’. “Both a wrong and patients need to discard the old diet map and get the new one-hence my course”.

He changed his diet, lost 20kg and turned his health around and has helped thousands of patients to do the same. Anthony is a former fat kid who has battled his whole life with being overweight.

He no longer has migraines, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), pre-diabetes, being chronically hangry, foggy, sore, bloated and exhausted.

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