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Psst-want to reduce your chances of getting the ‘flu?

…..and without taking any (more) supplements? The ‘flu shot gives only limited protection again 4 major strains of ‘flu (there are hundreds of viruses that can make you unwell). This is not an either/or post. I absolutely suggest that those at a greater health risk get a ‘flu shot (over 65, under 5, major illness, […]

Breakfast might make you fat (don’t ask a dietitian to help) and some disappointing news

Welcome to 2019! I hope you had a bit of a break over Christmas. This newsletter is packed with some gems that will help you through this confusing, combative and upside-down world of food and nutrition. But first, a couple of bits of disappointing news. Many of you have asked me about why I’m not […]

Trying to save the world from eating itself to death (Merry Christmas)

Firstly, before I dive in, I hope you had a wonderful 2018, and I hope you survive the Christmas craziness. and feel positive about 2019. How do I feel about year just gone? Probably like you-I am knackered (but in a reasonably positive way). Yes, there is the juggle of family, jobs, finances, and health that […]