As at 1 October 2016

  • Initial Consultation: $150 (Up to 1.5 hours)
  • Follow-up: $110 (45mins)
  • Phone/Skype/Facetime 15-minute consultations: $50

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give Private Health Rebates?

Yes, I am recognised by all private health funds, except BUPA. 

Do you do phone consultations?

Yes. Ideally I can call you at a landline or Skype can be used.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is parking at the clinic. Please allow an extra 10 minutes for parking as it can get busy.

Where is your clinic?

The clinic is located at 151 Boundary Rd, Bardon Qld 4065. Consultations are via appointment only.

For any booking information, just contact the friendly reception staff on 07-33681300 or have a look at the site for further details: http://www.bardoncounsellingcentre.com/

Will you change my diet?

I will discuss changes with you if I think it will improve your health.

  • I do not believe in counting calories/kilojoules – I believe in eating nutritious food.
  • I will explain any change that I make.
  • My aim is to replace any food with a healthier alternative if I have to remove anything from your diet.
  • I will help you with recipes, cooking instructions and also shopping for food.
Do you believe in the Low Carbohydrate, High Fat Diet (LCHF)?

Yes, I do believe that this way of eating benefits many overweight, inflamed and unwell patients.

It is important to note that certain fats and fibres must be used. Fermented foods and greens are crucial. Supplements may be needed to re-balance you and to get the best out of the LCHF diet.

Why do you need to know about my parents/my childhood health?

Your parent’s health/childhood may have affected your current health. An example of this is if your parents smoked, if you were breastfed, if you had antibiotics at a young age, did you grow up in a mining area, did you have many amalgam/silver fillings as a child.

Are you a Dietician?

No I am not, although much of our training is very similar

How can I pay for my appointments?

I have a HiCaps machine and you can pay via direct debit or credit card.

Do I need to get blood tests?

I ask most patients to obtain a copy of their most recent blood tests from their GP/specialist. I provide a letter for your doctor if any further tests are needed

Will I need extra tests?

Some health conditions may require extra tests involving urine, blood spot and saliva. These tests incur an extra charge.I will discuss these tests with you and try and prioritise if I think any tests are needed.

Patients are under no obligation to undertake further testing.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Your paperwork that was emailed to you, any blood tests from your doctor, any other tests undertaken and a 3-day diet history including likes and dislikes

Can I tell my doctor that I am seeing you?

Yes! It is very important that we all work together to improve your health. I will always send your doctor a letter telling them what dietary changes I have made

I think I have an allergy/intolerance to food. Can you test for this?

Yes there is. A delayed food reaction is usually called an intolerance and there are specific tests that can be done to see if you do have issues with certain foods.

Are you going to make me eat foods I don’t like?

No. Otherwise you won’t be able to follow-through on the necessary changes. It is about discussing what changes are practical, and can be made for the long term, rather than a quick fix.

I don’t like cooking/have no time to cook.

I will look to simplify your diet to make it suit you and your time limits or ability in the kitchen. It is about providing alternatives to foods and lifestyles that will enable your health to improve.

Will you make me eat organic food?

There are some foods that I would prefer you to eat organically because it may improve your health. I will talk you through these options but you are under no obligation.

Will you take me off my medication?

No I won’t. I will discuss your medicine and supplements with you. Any suggestions I make can be discussed with your doctor/therapist.

How long do I have to see you for?

I usually like patients to see me for at least once a month for three months and then it is a case of staying in touch regarding any follow-up appointments.

Why are the first appointments so expensive?

I am a highly experienced and motivated practitioner. I spend a total of 3 hours with you in those first appointments and gather a great deal of information. This will get you healthier and save money in the long-run. I spend a great deal of time thinking about and personalising your treatment.

I have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy that requires a $110 fee. Please be considerate of unwell patients who may want your appointment spot/time. I also do a great deal of pre-preparation work before appointments so as to progress your health.