Our clients

The 40s and 50s presents a perfect opportunity to take stock of your health and put in place an action plan to ensure the second half of your life is as good, if not better, than the first.

There are many ways your health can be negatively impacted – nothing we can’t handle though!

We find that often it’s the little things that have been missed by a GP or Specialist that are preventing a return to good health, such as:

Trying every diet in the book

I have many patients who have done ‘every diet in the book’. Many have lost a few kilograms only to put it on again. I have my patients lose 5, 10, 30kg of weight and keep it off.

Reverse diabetes, pain and inflammation

With dietary and lifestyle changes, many patients can reduce their blood sugar levels and many return to pre-diabetic levels. Many patients who were in constant pain can now function daily without high doses of medication.

Work history 

I’ve had patients who worked in Mt Isa many years ago and presented with heavy metal toxicity and unexplained muscle pain, digestive issues and headaches. Another patient had worked for a long period in a nail salon…the chemical load had built up and was impacting on her overall health.

Dodgy travel experiences

Another patient experienced severe food poisoning in India a decade ago that was still impacting on her health.

Lifestyle history

All the usual suspects – exposure to passive smoke or past-smoker, alcohol, lots of amalgam fillings, reliance on junk food, sugar addiction etc.

Family health 

The health of your parents and even siblings can have an impact. Firstly, there is the obvious genetic component. However we also use genetic testing to see if you may be susceptible to the same disease/s other family members have suffered. Examples include eye health and inflammatory and neurological conditions.


Our lives are challenging – apart from the usual family, work, friends, trying to keep healthy/fit, we’re constantly ‘on’ with technology and many of us are suffering sensory overload. On-going family stress, acute emotional trauma, shift-work, poor sleep…all contribute.

Previous health

Poor immune health may indicate an on-going viral or bacterial infection that may stretch back years.