Bill, 65, ex-builder

Health challenges

  • Past heart attack
  • Multiple medications to control blood pressure
  • Blood sugars always up and can’t lose weight
  • Always tired-needs a sleep in the afternoon
  • Irritable and anxious
  • Enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction
  • Poor memory-worried about his brain function
  • Can’t stop eating sugar
  • Severe reflux

What I found

  • Bill’s diet was too high in poor carbohydrates/low-fat food and to low in fats
  • His detailed cholesterol test showed he needs to reduce carbohydrates
  • Insulin, triglyceride and blood sugars all elevated
  • Doesn’t want to go on a quick-fix ‘diet’ (he needs long-term advice)
  • Low mineral and vitamin levels after tests
  • Drinks four beers each night to reduce stress and help sleep
  • Worked extensively with diesel, solvents and welding material


  • Initiated a higher fat and lower carbohydrate eating plan
  • Introduced specific food and supplements to help with insulin resistance
  • Improved nutrient levels to reduce inflammation
  • Started slowly removing heavy metals
  • Started a weights program to improve strength/muscle
  • Made a list about how to reduce stress, reduce alcohol and improve sleep

Great results

  • Energy levels are better
  • Has lost 12kg
  • Bill’s mood has improved
  • No longer needs an afternoon sleep
  • He has reduced his blood pressure and reflux medication