Bruce, 55, doctor

Health challenges

  • Early onset Parkinson’s Disease
  • Fatigue: ‘I am tired waking up tired’
  • Elevated blood sugars (can’t get them down via diet)
  • Diet very high in refined carbohydrates
  • B12 deficiency: implicated in nervous system decline
  • Vitamin D deficiency: implicated in nervous system decline
  • Large antibiotic use throughout life (from a young child)



  • Counselled Bruce to start a ketogenic diet to help slow Parkinson Disease progression
  • Increased ‘good germs’ in bowel by using a specific probiotic and ‘feeding’ them with specific foods
  • Increased foods high in anti-inflammatory actions
  • Started with Vitamin D and B12 supplementation

Great results

  • Moods/balance/tremor noticeably better
  • Energy 100% improved
  • Deficiencies improved
  • Blood sugars stabilised
  • Diet now mostly organic with no large fish (mercury)
  • Still taking supplements and probiotic