Gleniss, 76, farmer’s wife

Gleniss presented with one of the highest lead recordings at my clinic.

Health challenges

  • Rheumatoid arthritis and in constant pain
  • Elevated cholesterol – did not want to take statin medication
  • Poor kidney function
  • Unable to lose weight despite significant exercise and diet modifications
  • Blood sugar readings too high despite dietary changes

What I found

  • Questioning revealed a history of paint stripping/renovating (lead paint) and recent flooding caused the peeling of leaded paint and movement of soil/dust that may have been contaminated with lead.
  • History of cotton farming – an industry that uses a great deal of chemicals.
  • Oral chelation revealed one the highest lead recordings at my clinic.
  • Lead is stored in bones and kidney and has been strongly associated with elevated blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.


  • Completely revamped diet: removed almost all carbohydrate and increased fats and proteins
  • Introduced specific foods, fibre, vegetables and tea to help with pesticide excretion
  • Trying hard to have Gleniss exercise and sweat to help with toxin removal