Health challenges

  • Has tried ‘every diet in the book’
  • Difficulty losing weight since having kids 20 years ago
  • Foggy thinking, always bloated, always in pain
  • Needs an afternoon nap, poor sleep-always tired
  • Has always been iron deficient
  • Thinks thyroid ‘is an issue’
  • Thinning hair and nails
  • Taking ‘all sorts of tablets to help mood’ 
  • Needs 5 coffees every day to function


  • Significantly modified Irene’s diet which included a higher fat, nil carbohydrate/grain/gluten/sugar diet
  • Introduced Irene to a great personal trainer to help with strength

Wonderful results

  • Lost 10kg in 2 months!
  • Iron has improved for the first time without supplements
  • Flatulance and bloating have ceased
  • Can now get through a day without a nap or excessive coffee
  • Memory and mood is ‘much better’
By following the program that Anthony has developed for me – which was based on scientific evidence – my energy levels have increased. In fact, I can get through the day with energy to spare! I have lost weight, I’m fitter and stronger and feel healthier than I ever have before!