Katrina, 48, doctor

Health challenges

  • Grade four endometriosis
  • Constant thrush
  • Low iron anaemia
  • Fatigue on waking
  • Shift work-demanding job
  • Previous skin cancers removed
  • Wanting to get pregnant in the future

What I found

  • Previous high antibiotic use
  • Very low Vitamin D (implicated in skin cancer)
  • Very low protein and fat diet-high in refined carbohydrates
  • Low B12 and folate-important for fertility
  • Large amount of ‘plastics’ and toxins in blood due to workplace exposure.


  • Increased fat and protein in diet-more ‘nutrient-dense’ foods (eggs, nuts, yoghurt, grass-fed meat)
  • Helped patient recover from laparoscopies with anti-inflammatory foods and supplements
  • Boosted iron, Vitamin D, B12 through diet/lifestyle and supplement changes
  • Used specific probiotic to reduce thrush
  • Removed many toxic plastics, cosmetics and foods from diet
  • Started on a protein shake to help with the shift-work

Wonderful result

Katrina had been given less than 5% chance of a natural pregnancy. After 12 months of treatment, she gave birth to a healthy boy .