Kim, 49, home duties

Health challenges

  • Severe hot flushes
  • Had tried every diet
  • Couldn’t lose weight despite having a personal trainer
  • Her thyroid is running slow
  • Poor sleep with anxiety and depression
  • Always achey and had bone thinning
  • Memory worsening
  • Always bloated

What I found

  • Diet was high in carbohydrates and diet food
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies via blood and hair test
  • Liver enzymes elevated
  • Gum disease and poor oral health
  • High fish intake that was high in mercury
  • Many past house renovations
  • Found high levels of lead and mercury


  • Higher fat, lower carbohydrate diet.
  • Specific mineral and digestive supplement to improve her health.
  • Chelation* for lead and mercury

Wonderful result

Kim’s hot flushes have almost reduced to nil. Weight around the middle is slowly disappearing. Last bone density test showed improvement

General notes

Lead is stored in bones and can lead to osteoporosis. As bone is broken down (during menopause and pregnancy), lead will travel back to the blood and cause problems such as hot flushes, weight gain, impair blood sugars and  increase blood pressure and is a cancer risk.

*Chelation is the process of slowly and gently reducing heavy metal levels using a medicine.