Tiffany, 47, University administrator

Health challenges

  • Severe migraine headaches and PCOS
  • Coeliac disease
  • Presented with bloating, loose stools and fatigue 
  • She was prescribed a great deal of antibiotics as a child for ear infections and over the past few years due to sinus infections.

What I found

  • Blood tests revealed low iron and B12 despite a high meat diet.
  • Stool test revealed low counts of ‘good’ bugs and some pathogens/yeasts
  • Mercury levels are very high and may be causing migraines
  • Her diet is high in refined gluten-free carbohydrates and poor quality fats (pastries, margarine, fried foods)
  • Tiffany has travelled to China many times for work. Many foods in China are very high in toxins and the air/soil is highly polluted.
  • Tiffany has eaten large amounts (over many years) of salmon, tuna, sushi and shark


  • A quality digestive enzyme to aid digestion
  • Reduced gluten-free foods in diet and replaced with better fats and proteins, vegetables and legumes
  • Increased fermented foods in diet (this includes food with ‘good germs’ including organic yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi)

Great results

Tiffany’s migraines are much-improved. Her gastro-intestinal symptoms are almost gone and her energy has significantly improved. PCOS resolved on LCHF diet.