Fruit? Is it good for me?

Is it good for me?
It’s a timing issue.
If you are carrying weight around your middle, have elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, fatty liver, elevated blood glucose?
Avoid fruit until you clear out the fat from your liver.
The biggie that doctors still get wrong?
Fructose (fruit sugar) is turned into saturated fat.
Ahhh…so the reason your cholesterol, triglycerides are elevated?
Is because of too much fructose NOT the meat, eggs and dairy you are eating.
So what do the diet dinosaurs tell you to eat?
More fruit!
Avoid fruit, especially dried fruit, juice and sugar until you change diet in other areas.
Fruits to absolutely avoid?
Avoid snacking on bananas, grapes, sultanas, trail mix etc.
Banana is not high in potassium. Avocado and greens are.
It’s another inconvenient truth that these ‘experts’ (dietitians are the worst culprits) tell you to load up on fruit.
This will worsen your cholesterol, liver/gut fat, diabetes, heart and stroke risk.
Snack on a few nuts or a little cheese instead.
Cheese is the best dessert (but only a bit!) ☺️
I tell patients to stick to a maximum of two handfuls of berries daily (strawberries, blue, black and raspberries).
Unlearn, then learn to get better.

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