Newsletter – Feb 2020

Yes, that what’s I thought too

Yep-I thought all meal replacement shakes were gimmicks (actually many are, and could actually make you worse)


If you combine a short-term, quality meal replacement program WHILST educating patients about what to really eat long-term? Then you are on a winner IF…

· You understand what the enormous elephant in the room is (it is huge) AND…

· realise that carbohydrates ARE just sugar in disguise AND…

· Why not to fear fat and protein BUT to fear the real fast food (carbohydrates) AND…

· You know the best exercise to do to really ‘get better’ AND….

· You understand the fibre myth AND….

· You keep the definition of fasting simple: ‘learning not to eat between meals’ THEN and ONLY THEN will a short-term meal replacement strategy succeed long-term.

The shakes allow you to ‘break up’ with the wrong food

A properly constructed meal replacement program will take the difficulty out of short-term dietary changes, it will help change/break habits, it will help you focus, and it may help with cravings/uncertainty.

You WILL see significant initial weight-loss (but yes, it will stop or slow if you don’t implement the other parts of the program).

This is where my program is unique.

It helps you with the break-up of a toxic food relationship and helps ease you into a stable long-term relationship with food, eating and lifestyle.

It may also see a quick resolution in digestive symptoms, pain, brain fog and energy.

Now the (fine print)

Yes! It means drinking 2 meals a day (but these shakes are more like a meal as are higher fat and protein)

This program is really aimed at those:

· wanting to lose more than 10kg,

· have yo-yo dieted for years,

· are contemplating bariatric surgery,

· highly stresses/anxious/depressed,

· have been significantly overweight for many years,

· have fatty liver,

· need some ‘breathing space’ to ‘reset’ or

· are sick and tired of diets,


This may mean taking some basic supplements like magnesium, B Vitamins and fish oil for a short time.

(this part isn’t mandatory but it you have a significant amount of weight to lose/are diabetic/insulin resistant/inflamed/in pain/have a horrible gut and this is the last change you are giving yourself to ‘get better’, then I would take the supplements.

(My pet hate is patients who take supplements for longer than 6 months – I only use quality supplements with my patients for a short period of time).

Education is the key.

Now what?

Book in for an appointment to get started. You’ll receive instructions, 6 weeks of whey (extra cost) and supplements (not mandatory).

Or book in for an appt to see if the program is for you.

Please remember that I am seeing all patients at my Bardon clinic (151 Boundary Rd).

To book, simply call 07-3368 1300 or book online

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