Psst-want to reduce your chances of getting the ‘flu?

…..and without taking any (more) supplements?

The ‘flu shot gives only limited protection again 4 major strains of ‘flu (there are hundreds of viruses that can make you unwell).

This is not an either/or post. I absolutely suggest that those at a greater health risk get a ‘flu shot (over 65, under 5, major illness, in hospital, immune-compromised etc).

But please realise that the shot is limited to 4 dangerous strains. It does not give 100% protection-and you can still catch many other viruses that could ‘floor you’.

One of the greatest impediments to your ‘internal immune army’ or your white blood cells (wbc) working well, is an even slightly elevated, blood glucose and insulin.

Yes, this is why diabetics are at greater risk when the ‘flu strikes.

More than 200 people in Australia are being diagnosed with diabetes DAILY.

I would estimate that 70-80% of the population over 40yo, would have insulin resistance.

An extra drop of glucose in your bloodstream will ‘hobble’ your white blood cells, as glucose and insulin in excess, are like little bits of lava flowing through your body-they crash into, and disrupt your WBC’s, and they can’t gobble up those invading viruses and bacteria.

The term is called glycation (almost the ‘cooking’ of protein).

You may have heard of HbA1c or glycated haemoglobin if you are measuring your blood sugars?

This is the the damage (cooking) effect of excess glucose on your red blood cells.

Glucose (and insulin) will also do the same to your immune system, platelets (needed for clotting) and fragile LDL, HDL lipoproteins (that contain cholesterol).

I would say that 70% of my patients immune systems improve with dietary change, that then leads to better glucose/insulin control, weight loss, reduced fatty liver, blood pressure etc).

So where to start?

Firstly, it is going to require some habit change and stress substitution, that will enable you to do things that will get you off the eating/snacking/alcohol boom/bust roller coaster.

For some patients that is just getting out of the kitchen and starting a 6-week meditation/yoga course or learning to lift weights again or for some it just means not eating after dinner, and not until after 9am the next morning (brushing your teeth after dinner works for me).

Even if your fasting glucose and HbA1c is ‘normal’, your insulin may be having to exert a huge influence to contain it (insulin resistance).

Remember, chronically elevated insulin is even worse that elevated glucose in terms of its effect on your immune system and overall health.

I don’t care how you look on the outside. I’m concerned about your visceral or organ fat that impairs the functioning of your immune system (as well as your liver, pancreas and bowel).

So if you can grab a good few handfuls of fat around your belly, your visceral fat has probably been there for years and decades.

This is the classic sign than you have elevated glucose and insulin.

This makes it almost impossible for you to lose weight (and keep it off) and for you to stop getting sick all the time.

This is why ‘getting better’ takes time as that fat is ‘deep’.

Ideally your fasting glucose should be below 5, triglycerides less than 1 and HDL over 1.5.

So do you want to sail through winter next year in ‘good nick’?

Are you sick of always being the one that gets sick, and the one whose sniffle quickly becomes a full blown bronchitis or asthma?

Of course you could take handfuls of horseradish, zinc or colloidal silver-they will work a little bit.

Just like you can take a pill for elevated cholesterol, reflux, blood pressure and gout. 

It will work a little bit, but won’t solve the underlying issue.

All these supplements/medicines/antibiotics (like the ‘flu shot) are like wearing a seat belt whilst driving or having multiple airbags.

You still need to slow down/be a good driver, to avoid the accidents in the first place.

I’m ready to help, but I can only help if you do too.

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