What if almost everything we eat and do (to stay healthy) is wrong?

It was a real honour to be asked.

It was a real honour to be asked by the editor of the national rural news press to write an article about our health and why it is failing so badly.

I’ll pop the link to my article below.

The one image that stuck in my head whilst writing it, was the majority of us being completely lost. (whilst the ‘experts’ tell us it’s our own fault we got lost in the first place).

Think of it like you are on a driving holiday-you grab the map (or punch in the GPS co-ordinates) and off you go.

But you end up horribly lost. I’m not talking a little lost, but really lost.

You have to turn around and completely re-trace your steps. It takes hours. Many hours.

The only problem when you get back to the place that sold you the map and gave you the co-ordinates?

They tell you it’s your fault that you got lost. They say you must have taken a wrong turn, or maybe you weren’t concentrating well enough.

Mmmm…maybe they were right. So you give it another go. You drive for hours and hours. But the same thing happens. You are horribly lost again.

You’ve got to ask yourself-how many times will you give this a go, until you realise that the map you’re been given IS wrong and it is their fault not yours?

Will you do it twice? Three times?

How about multiple times over multiple decades?

Trying to find the ‘way home’ has meant attempting short-cuts that the experts told us will work.

These short-cuts include us trying different diets, searching for different super foods, being prescribed multiple medications, or trying a complex array of exercise, supplements and advice, to try and ‘find’ our way.

Other failed short-cut have been to snack and graze, count calories, eat in moderate, have more self-control, and eating more fruit and vegetables (thinking these things will magically ‘burn’ fat).

None of these things will work.

We cannot discover the way to better health until we all realise we have the wrong ‘diet map’ or ‘instruction manual’ in our hands.

To at least get started with the ‘right map’, head along to my my website and download my free e-book.


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